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Look through the 1968 Accessory book!    courtesy of Mike Margozzi of CA , who lent me his book to scan. The book had NO copyright statement in it anywhere!

Accessories for your 1968 Pontiac Wide-Track Some of the options listed below were for certain models only. The caption under most pictures shows which models the options were for.

PAGE 1, The cover in color is not too exciting.
PAGE 2, The inside front cover in color has this station wagon and two other cars.
PAGE 3, Accessory index top paragraph explains which options were Dealer or Factory installed.
Accessory list "A" through "E"
Accessory list "F" through part of "S"
Accessory list more "S" through "W" plus the 5 "Group" names
PAGE 4, Basic Group (Code 321) Radio
Air Cleaner
Cushion, custom front seat
Electric clock
Lamp Group (Code 332) Lamp, Ignition switch
Lamp, Side roof rail courtesy & reading
Lamp, Glove box
Lamp, Low fuel warning
Lamp, Instrument panel courtesy
Lamp, Ashtray
Lamp, luggage
Lamp, Cornering
PAGE 5, Protection Group (Code 322) Guards, door edge
Seat belts, custom
Mats, floor
Cover, Spare tire
Deflector, rear window
Defogger, rear window
Mirror Group (Code 331) Mirror, visor
Mirror, outside remote-control
PAGE 6, PAGE 7, PAGE 8, PAGE 9 (applies to other models)
PAGE 10, Tempest instrument panel shows features and a pic of left half.
PAGE 11, Tempest instrument panel shows features and a pic of right half with a closeup of A/C control.
PAGE 12, Tempest Decor Group (Code 324) Large color pic of the front of a Tempest with girl
Steering wheel
Instrument panel
PAGE 13, Side views help you identify the difference between...
Sports coupe, Tempest, Tempest custom
4-door sedan, Tempest, Tempest custom
Hardtop coupe, Tempest custom, LeMans
4-door hardtop, Tempest custom, LeMans
Tempest custom station wagon
PAGE 14, PAGE 15, PAGE 16 (applies to Firebird)
PAGE 17, Transmission Consoles (Code 472)
A. 3-sp manual
B. Auto
C. 4-sp manual
D. Dual-Gate
PAGE 18, Power Options section
Color pic of a girl adjusting a power seat
6-way bench seat
Power brakes, steering, vari-ratio
Deck-lid release
PAGE 19, more power options
4-way bench seat
Power buckets
Power window buttons
Power vent windows
Power convt top
Door locks
PAGE 20, Radio and stereo
Stereo 8-track looks like an older style, though. May not be correct.
PAGE 21, more Radio and stereo
Rear Speaker
Verba-Phonic Rear Speaker System
Electric Power Antenna
Pushbutton Radio & Manual Antenna
Pushbutton AM/FM Radio & Manual Antenna
Pushbutton AM/FM Stereo Radio & Manual Antenna
PAGE 22, Station Wagon Accessories (not covered here)
PAGE 23, Wheel Covers
Wire Wheel Discs
Deluxe Wheel Discs
Custom Wheel Discs
Custom Wheel Discs
Rally I Wheels
Rally II Wheels
PAGE 24, Miscellaneous Accessories
Custom Seat Belts
Front Shoulder Belts
Remote-Control Outside Mirror
Reclining Seat, Passenger Side
Head Restraints
Visor Mirrors
Tilt Steering Wheel
Bench Seat Cushion
PAGE 25, more Miscellaneous Accessories
Electric Clock
Soft-Ray Glass
Rear-Window Defogger
Cornering Lamps are not available on GTO in 1968
Low-Fuel Warning Lamp is not available on GTO
Custom Sports Steering Wheel looks like wood
Deluxe Steering Wheel
Rear-door Child Lock Guards for 4-door models only
PAGE 26, more Miscellaneous Accessories
Rally Clock
Rally Gauge Cluster
Safeguard Speedometer
Custom Gearshift Knob
Concealed Headlamps
Hood-mounted Tachometer
PAGE 27, more Miscellaneous Accessories
Concealed Windshield Wiper Linkage
Door-edge Guards
Exhaust Tailpipe Extensions
Space-saver Spare Tire
Dual Exhausts
Hood Retainers
PAGE 28, more Miscellaneous Accessories
Safe-T-Track Differential
Front-wheel Disc Brakes
Superlift Shock Absorbers
Heavy-Duty Battery
Dual Stage Heavy-duty Air Cleaner
PAGE 29, more Miscellaneous Accessories (lamps)
Glove Compartment Lamp
Ashtray & Lighter Lamps
Side Roof Rail Courtesy & Reading Lamps
Luggage Compartment Lamp
Underhood Lamp
Underhood Utility Lamp
Ignition Switch Lamp
Instrument Panel Courtesy Lamp (The one that's "hidden" above the radio!)
PAGE 30, more Miscellaneous Accessories
Child Safety Seat
Removable Luggage Carrier-Karpak
Ventilated Cushions
Cushion Topper
New Tissue Dispenser attaches to underside of instrument panel
Car Compass has cool PONTIAC letters on it
Gas-cap Lock
Spare Tire Lock
PAGE 31, more Miscellaneous Accessories
Litter Basket
Fire Extinguisher
Highway Emergency Kit
Engine Block Water Heater
Spare Tire Cover
Luggage Compartment Floor Mat
Full-width Floor Mat, front
Floor Mats, separate
PAGE 32, The Back Cover
Buckle Up!

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