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How to send pictures to The Ultimate GTO Picture Site    by Sean Mattingly, who takes all he can get

The site exists due to your donations of pictures. Let's make this easy.

(1) The number one way is to use our Self-Upload Page.   With it, you can fill out a description of the car and submit it with your pictures quite easily.

(2) Or Email them. Attach images to an email message. That is easy.  My email address is Sean@UltimateGTO.com .  Send pics of unfinished project cars, junkyard GTO's, old vintage b/w photos, GTO magazine ads, car show snapshots, GTO model car boxes, etc.

(3) Put pictures on a CD or floppy disk. Send it in the mail. See my mailing address below.

(4) If you prefer to scan your pictures yourself, go ahead. Most hip photocopy stores now have the ability to scan pictures. Some will "rent" you computer time to self-scan. Or they will scan stuff for you. Take a lot of stuff with you to the scanning session. You can also scan GTO pins, GTO buttons, GTO model car boxes, GTO patches, GTO t-shirts, GTO sales brochures, GTO original invoices, etc.

(5) Post pictures anywhere on the Internet. Tell me the location. Then I can download them and re-post them on The Ultimate GTO Picture Site. Most people don't know they got FREE storage space when they signed up for an Internet access account. Yep - I said FREE. Some Internet Service Providers give as much as 30 Megs of FREE home page space to you. Even if you don't care about establishing a home page, you can USE the space to store pictures. Ask them how to use your free home page space. They'll tell you how to get images uploaded to the space with an FTP program. The FTP program is free and probably came with your sign-up kit.

(6) Get a video caputure board for your computer. That way you can "snap" pictures from any videotape. One brand to get is a "Snappy". It makes still image picture files from your videotapes. Cool! Last time I checked a catalog, they were down to just $35 used. They are available at Amazon.com . Here is a link to a Snappy device I located.

(7)  Or, mail photos to me. The address is right here:

Sean Mattingly
335 E 360 N
Anderson IN 46012
At your request, I will return all photos after scanning them. Please let me know whether or not you want the pictures returned. As a side-note: About 80 percent of people forget to tell me if they want their pictures returned.

Is there a preferred file format for pictures?   Yes.   I like getting .JPG files the most. But I can also deal with other less popular file formats like .BMP or .GIF or .TIFF or whatever you have. I try to limit the size of the pictures to 800 pixels across, but I can re-size whatever you send me.

How long does it take for them to appear on the web site?   After you send me pictures, I try to hurry and post them. Because I now receive so many pictures, it's common to take 90 to 120 days to see them on The Ultimate GTO Picture Site. Please be patient with me. This is just a hobby. ;)
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