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How to take great GTO Pictures    by Sean Mattingly, a so-so photographer

So - you want to see your GTO on the Internet? I'm not picky when it comes to Goat pictures. I'll accept pictures of show cars, basket cases, parts cars, wrecked cars, etc. But here's how to correctly photograph your GTO. Just do the number one thing on the list below and you've won the battle:

Sean with camera.
(1) Make sure the sunlight shines directly onto the side of the car you are photographing. That's it. This one tip will save the details of the car from disappearing into a shadow. It will save the grille area from appearing as one blackish smear with little color or features. It fries me to see a car picture with a dark black shadow cast over the ONE SIDE we are trying to view. However, I have been able to save many such pictures via my Paint Shop Pro program. I will use selective highlighting to brighten the blackish areas in the photos.
Bad technique Good technique
( Look at the tires. Does the shadow stick out toward you? If so, your best shot is on the OTHER side of the car. )

(2) Use a good camera. Hold still. Click the button.

(3) Don't lose the film. When you take the film out of the camera, wind the film tab INSIDE of the cannister. That way you'll know the pictures have already been taken on that roll.

(4) Remember where you took your film for processing! Uh -- I've had a nagging feeling since 1982 when I forgot where I took a roll of GTO pictures for developing... Do you suppose the finished pictures are still waiting for me behind the counter at the drugstore? Gee, It's only been 15 years since I dropped them off for processing. Hmm. Oh, yeah. I think Wal-Mart photo processing is the WORST. Compare their processing to Meijer. Meijer wins. A kickass place called Seattle Filmworks can now process your photos and send them to you via email AND regular photos. They're at http://www.filmworks.com

(5) Don't worry too much about the background in the picture. We want to see the car here. Most all the background will get cropped out anyway. I will usually remove background distractions from the photo such as street signs and ugly children. Ugly wives remain in the shot so you don't get into any trouble.

(6) Turn on the flash for interiors and engine shots. Light is a good thing.

(7) Oh yeah. Most people like 35 MM film at 400-speed. Buy plenty.

(8) Get a second cheap automatic 35MM camera. Put it in the glovebox of your GTO. Leave it there. That's right. Leave it there. Now, when you're at the car shows with your Goat, you ALWAYS have a camera ready. Sure, there's a chance the camera and film could "melt" in the glovebox. But, hey, I said cheap camera. Send all GTO shots you get to Sean.

The shadow obscures!

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