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What do I expect at a car show?    by Sean Mattingly, who gets edgy after 8 hours on the show field

Sean I like car shows. And I'm not a trophy hog or anything. My car doesn't win many. Make that any. But I still look forward to the end of a car show when trophies are given away to the happy winners. Its fun to see people clap and cheer for their favorite winners. At the end of a long hot day at a car show I look forward to two things:

(1) Getting home in a timely manner. That means I'm happier if their awards presentation starts on time. At a recent hot summer show I heard the judges murmuring about show classes they "forgot" to write down. Those judges held up the awards for 45 minutes because they went back onto the show field to re-judge cars. Of course, many cars LEFT after the 30-minutes late point! When the end of the show awards are very late, nearly everyone is disappointed. They have to stand around and wait to make a long trip home.

(2) I look forward to hearing who won. The awards announcer should have enough information on his paper to do it properly. It is horribly inadequate to just have the announcer say something like "Joe Smith come and git a trophy. John Brown come and git a trophy." Instead - the awards announcer should be able to say something much more descriptive like: "The winner of the Best Interior Award is Joe Smith with the green '67 convertible over in the West corner". "John Brown wins Best Undercarriage for his orange customized Monkeemobile clone." You see, the crowd should be told much more than just names of people who won. The awards are about RECOGNITION. The crowd should be able to RECOGNIZE (remember) which car won. The info should all be put on the announcer's sheet by the person who tabulates votes. It all starts with a car show registration form that includes a few specifics about the car and the owner.

(3) No more rain! OK, This one is unrealistic. How about No more FURTHER rain after I've chamoised all the rainwater off the car?
Judge Canoe
The man with the paddle is courtesy of http://www.trowbridgecanoe.com

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