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What's the difference between a '68 LeMans and a GTO?

The best way to verify the authenticity of your GTO is to send the VIN from your car to Pontiac Historic Services. By supplying P.H.S. with the VIN of your car, along with the other information listed on their web "Order" page, you will receive the most complete historical background and VIN information ever offered by any automobile nameplate. The information packet from PHS will include the following: A copy of the factory invoice or billing history, A letter decoding the options (when necessary), A copy of a dealer order form for that year, An official photo for that year Pontiac, if available, Other specific information for that year and model Pontiac, if available. Contact P.H.S. on the Internet at http://www.phs-online.com
A guy named Bob wrote:
GM Canada offers the same services as PHS - they can document a car that was BUILT in Canada, or SOLD in Canada. When you think of all the people living along the northern border in the States, their odds of buying a Canadian car are relatively high...plus there are all of us crazy Canadians visiting your site. Here's the URL for GM Canada's "Vintage Vehicle Services": http://www.gmcanada.com/english/maintenance/maint_vint.html

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